A refreshingly NEW approach

Five Star Pork is an efficient, effective and reliable supplier of fresh NZ pork to the food trade across the upper North Island.

Based in East Tamaki, the company enjoys proximity to the markets it serves, the largest markets in the country.

As well as providing whole and split carcasses, the company operates a specialist pork only cutting room producing primal and custom cuts for retailers, traders and processors.

Being owned by a co-operative of pig farmers who supply the company means there is intense interest and good communication throughout the supply chain.

And that all comes together in an effective organisation focussed on providing the best balance of efficiency and support.

Our values

Customer Driven

We recognise that in the end, as in the beginning, it is always the customer who determines our success.

Best Practice

To seek out and learn from observation of others then take actions and implement changes that continue to deliver improvements in all factors of how we operate.


Internally, with customers, through the supply chain and within the industry, we believe co-operation is the New Zealand way and what goes around comes around


Our national pride sits proudly alongside our loyalty to our owner farmers, our customers and our staff.

Pig Care Certificate

All Five Star Pork farmers are Pig Care Accredited. With no two farms identical, each tailors best practice to suit their particular local needs and requirements.

Because our farmers are independent owner operators rather than corporate managers, there’s an additional level of dedication shown to their animals welfare.

NZ Pork Industry Logo
Five Star Pork is an active participant, working with the NZ Pork marketing and promoting the NZ Pork industry and best practice across the pork trade.